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This is a selection of exhibitions that I curated

Water is everywhere, as our daily need it’s a friend and enemy at the same time. The oceans have always been and will always be a source of inspiration for mankind. The sea is impressive and appeals to our endless imagination all over the world. But do we really hear what the water is telling us? And how does one, listen to water? By listening intently, you experience the familiar in a new way. The beautiful fact is that anyone can do it.

Exhibition with various audio based art installations in the city of Nijmegen. Spent an afternoon to have your ears opened by 14 artists at 14 locations.
Duration: 31 August to 17 November 2024

Valkhof Museum



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Museum Arnhem commissioned 15 photographic works by Tony Dočekal on the Velperplein in Arnhem. Alleen Samen is an outdoor exhibition about resilience in the city: on the larger-than-life images you can see how people in Arnhem help each other out and make community in their neighborhoods.
This 4th edition of Museum Arnhem’s photo commission was free to visit.

The Dutch/Czech photographer Tony Docekal (Amsterdam, 1992) likes to search for the boundary between observation and interpretation: ‘In Alleen Samen I give underexposed subjects such as loneliness, hidden poverty and homelessness a stage. This photo exhibition focuses on initiatives that address current social issues in Arnhem, which transcend the boundaries of the city. Photographing in Arnhem has made me look at my own city with new eyes. Arnhemmers are enormously involved with each other and with their own city, very nice to see.”

Museum Arnhem

Alleen Samen


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From August 15 to October 18, Museum Arnhem presented fourteen new photographic works by Japanese photographer Miyuki Okuyama in Sonsbeek Park. The subject of Nightfall is the empty city of Arnhem during quarantine time. Okuyama went out with her camera almost daily that spring, after sunset to capture the new dynamics in the city: free of human traffic. A city covered in special stillness that affords previously shadowed perspectives.

Museum Arnhem



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The Nijmegen artist collective Knust, with roots in the squatters’ and punk movements of the 1980s, amassed international fame in 35 years with its graphically brightly colored stencil prints. But Knust is much more than a history; new printed matter still rolls out of their stencil machines every day, which stand at Extrapool; the Nijmegen stage for performance and sound art that grew out of Knust. In the exhibition, Valkhof Museum brings out both past and present: the work of Knust and Knust at work. Knust is setting up a temporary riso printing studio in the museum, where various projects will be worked on throughout the exhibition.

Museum Het Valkhof

Gekust door Knust


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