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Project lead

This is a selection of exhibitions and other projects that I worked on either as a project lead or producer.

Het Nieuwe Instituut proudly presented Het Podium in 2022: an impressive platform on the roof of the institute museum building. Designed by architecture firm MVRDV, the striking pink installation with its massive exterior staircase was an extension of the exhibition MVRDVHNI: The Living Archive of a Studio. Open from June 1 through August 17, 2022, Het Podium offered a unique opportunity to experience architecture, the city, Museum Park and the Institute. Never before had the roof of het Nieuwe Instituut been accessible to visitors. In collaboration with various cultural partners in Rotterdam, the roof came to life with concerts, talks, yoga and other events.

Het Nieuwe Instituut

Het Podium

2021 – 2022

Project website

photography by Ossip van Duivenbode & Aad Hoogendoorn

Together with KRAFT architects and design studio ‘met met’, the team of Museum Arnhem transformed the Walburgiskerk into a temporary exhibition space. For two years I led the process of setting up and dismantling nine exhibitions and installations in the church.

I learned about the possibilities and limitations of the monumental building and worked with over 150 international artists and the museum team to present their work. The exhibitions focused on experimentation in contemporary art and departed from social concerns including climate inequality and feminism. We frequently organized performances, discussion evenings, concerts and lectures.

Museum Arnhem

De Kerk

2019 – 2021

Project website

photography by Eva Broekema and others