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In times of visual dominance, sound opens unexpected windows to the world. It offers a change in perspective that helps us to move beyond anthropocentric narratives. Still we experience these vibes with our human body. Sound is visceral and incredibly direct.

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  • Luister! (at Museum Valkhof)
  • Verstrengeld #6 (at Platform DIS)

Below is a selection of sound works that I made and the sound-art events I curated.

オットリ [Ottori]

Field recordings, found objects, drawings

Arts Itoya residency project, Takeo (JP)


During this residency I created a number of sound sculptures. In four weeks of biking around the surroundings of Takeo, I captured the sounds of its human and non-human inhabitants. I combine these recordings with my study of everyday materials making the sonic tactile again. Through processing with algorithms commonly used to enhance vocal-production in popmusic, I sculpted these field recordings to bring out the voices they possess.

The countryside streams, fiery kilns and the glimmer of freshly baked ceramics I arranged in pairs following their harmonic affordances.

Many thanks to Arts Itoya, Hiryugama and Nobumasa Marutagama kilns and all the lovely people from Takeo for their warm welcome.

· r · e · s · p · o · n · g · e ·
(sound for exhibition) 

Four compositions for exhibition

De Fabriek, Eindhoven (NL)


I recorded a collection of ambient compositions to accompany the exhibition · r · e · s · p · o · n · g · e · This solo show by Isolde Venrooy offered an overview of her recent work. At the core of the exhibition concept was her work ‘Blue Carpet’. Isolde grew plants on a piece of land with the exact dimensions of her artist studio. These plants (Marigold and Woad) are perceived not yellow but ultraviolet blue by insects. Full grown the Woad plants were dried and gave their blue color to fabrics used in the exhibition.

The four compositions feature many species (bird, insect and vegetal) that are common in the area that Isolde worked at. The field recordings then inspired a proces in which I digitally and phyically immitated the natural sounds. The result is a sonic meditation; part foley and in part a melodic field trip.

For information and documentation on the exhibition, check out:



My compositions were heard in this solo show of work by the visual artist of Isolde Venrooy


residency series

Extrapool, Nijmegen (NL)

2020 ~

In the residency series ‘Extratool’, Extrapool cedes its studio space for a few days to a duo of musicians or (sound-)artists to make two new compositions. In the week leading up to a concert they work with Yuri Landman’s string and percussion instruments.

Editions include work by Christina Vantzou & John Also Bennett, Limpe Fuchs & Zoro Babel, Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm, Eerie Wanda & Adam Harding, Big Hare, Albert van Abbe & David von Bahr and SOON.
studio assistance by Rikkert Brok, Petra Randewijk
mastering by Peter Johan Nÿland at 4 & Rising
tapes are duplicated by Lilia Scheerder
artwork by Jacob Hoving

All editions can be heard and purchased at bandcamp at

Dry Wet Dry

Seaweed, found objects,

De Fabriek, Eindhoven (NL)


Vibrations are all around us and so is sound. The question is; What will be heard? As a human, bird or seaweed?

In DryWetDry, five installations each let us listen to a different state of the saturation of seaweed by water. On the extremely wet side, seaweed (oarweed, sugar kelp a.o) is sloshing around in an aquarium. Once drained and dried, they make a scraping and crackling sound. Dried, seaweeds soon become consumer goods, ready to be pulverized in the food industry.

Listen to the podcast Verstrengeld here. Sounds of DryWetDry are used in that artistic research, poetic, scientific podcast-series.

2022 ~Guest curator for Luister! at Valkhof Museum
2022 ~Director at Sinus foundation for electronic music
2023 ~Ode to the sea soundsculpture and live performance
2020 ~Composing for Verstrengeld podcast series
2020 ~Extratool residency series
2016 ~ Experimental program at Valkhof Festival
2024Curator at Stroom festival
2023Row your boat video
2023Curator at De Week van Drift festival
2023オットリ [Ottori] sound installation and live performance
2022Curator at Open Oscillator
2022Curator for Festival UbbHill
2022Compositions for exhibition *r*e*s*p*o*n*g*e*
2020DryWetDry sound installation
2019Curator for Festival de Oversteek
2019Yogasounds live set
2017Wabi Abi live set
2015Kaleidoskop Radio at Stranded FM
2014 Hausse art club night
2013Onder Ons gallery space
2012Archival intern at STEIM Amsterdam
2011MawMaw media experiment workshop series